Daniel’s Story of In-Direct RJ

Daniel Simpson, 30, lives in Doncaster.  On the 5 September 2015wp_20161121_11_07_19_pro, he became a victim of crime when a man, unknown to him bit his ear off in an unprovoked attack outside a shop in Thorne.

Daniel was waiting for a friend outside the shop with his friend’s dog. The offender Daniel Reed was driving down the street in his car.  As he approached Daniel Simpson, he noticed the dog was pulling on the lead.

Daniel Reed believed the dog was being mistreated, so got out of the vehicle and approached Daniel Simpson. The situation soon escalated, punches were thrown and Daniel Reed proceeded to bite off part of Daniel Simpson’s ear.

The offender Danie Reed is now serving a two-year custodial sentence for GBH.

As part of the criminal justice proceedings, Daniel Simpson was asked if he would like to take part in Restorative Justice.

Restorative Justice is voluntary and available to any victim of crime at any part of the criminal justice process.  It can only go ahead if both parties consent, but it can take the form of an in-direct route or a direct restorative justice conference.

In this case Daniel Simpson chose to communicate with the man that caused him harm through in-direct restorative justice.  He wanted to explain the impact the offence had on him, and also wanted to encourage the offender to change his ways and to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

At the time Daniel was concerned about how he would react if he saw the offender face to face and chose to exchange messages through the practitioners.

Daniel was happy for his offender to write him a letter and also wanted to pass on a verbal message to the offender that he understands if he struggles to read and write, it is nothing to be ashamed of and he is doing a good thing.

Daniel wrote a letter to Daniel Simpson.  In the letter he apologised to his victim and explained the circumstances surrounding his actions.   Daniel recognised that he had taken the time and effort to write the letter. He sent back a message that he wanted Daniel to know that if they passed in the street he would like to shake hands and move on from what happened. This message was passed back verbally by the practitioner.


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