The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner has been allocated funds by the Ministry of Justice to build a Restorative Justice provision for victims in South Yorkshire.

The Victim’s Code now states that all victims are to be offered Restorative Justice at any point of the criminal justice journey. Through partnership working, the South Yorkshire Criminal Justice Board is working together with to offer this service to victims in South Yorkshire.

Remedi are the providers of the Restorative Justice service across South Yorkshire – they hold the national quality mark for delivery of RJ (RSQM) and deliver a safe and quality Restorative Justice provision.

Useful Links


South Yorkshire Police and Crime CommissionerSouth Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner –

The Police and Crime Commissioner is there to be your voice, giving you a say in what you want your police to do. The Commissioner also prioritises services for victims and has a duty to ensure that a Restorative Justice service is provided in South Yorkshire.


South Yorkshire Criminal Justice BoardSouth Yorkshire Criminal Justice Board

The Local Criminal Justice Board (LCJB) is an important element of the Criminal Justice System (CJS). Its aim is to join up local criminal justice agencies and create a system where the partners work together to achieve common aims and objectives.


South Yorkshire PoliceSouth Yorkshire Police –

South Yorkshire Police is a key partner in ensuring that the Restorative Justice service is delivered effectively in South Yorkshire.


Victim Support logoVictim Support – @VictimSupport

If you’ve been a victim of any crime or have been affected by a crime committed against someone you know, we can help you find the strength to deal with what you’ve been through.

Victim Support services are free and available to everyone, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened. Victim Support can be there to support you through the Restorative Justice process.


Remedi –

Remedi are a voluntary sector organisation with charitable status specialising in the delivery of restorative services, predominantly in the criminal justice arena. Remedi provide the Restorative Justice service in South Yorkshire.


South Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation LogoSouth Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company –

South Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company works with medium and low risk offenders across our region. They too are a key partner in ensuring the success of the Restorative Justice service.


Restorative-Justice-Council1Restorative Justice Council – – @rjcouncil

The Restorative Justice Council promotes quality restorative practice for everyone.


Ministry of JusticeMinistry of Justice –

The Ministry of Justice provides lots of useful information about Restorative Justice on its website.

National Probation Service logoNational Probation Service –

To find out more about the National Probation Service, visit their website:


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